Basic challenges facing the Online Businesses

Over the years,  when technology wasn’t as affordable as it is now to everyone,  competition was on the low and access to product was limited, people can sell just about anything and make cool money. But presently, owing to the fact that a lot of people can now access the internet, flooding it with both genuine and fake products and brands, there have been issues arising and affecting the online business world lately.  Although, online business and transactions have proven to be easy, quick and  literally a click away. But it isn’t that simple, as there are many issues with online shopping faced by the consumers and those running online business,  these challenges are not limited to fake products or hidden costs

It takes a lot more than just an idea for a business to start. As an entrepreneur, you will face different sets of problems. Be it managing business operations, hiring right talent or marketing. Customers like to shop at websites that offer them convenience, are easy to browse through, that is aesthetically appealing and provide relevant information. When the website is not optimized right, it leads to the case of low patronage, abandoned carts, order cancellations or returns. Below are some of the basic  challenges facing online businesses.

Finding the right products to sell

Anyone can open an online store to sell different products, but only a few online sellers, try to identify with a particular product, which could range from running an online perfume shop or a  cloth store. A lot of online sellers are confused as to what they want their brands to be known for. Some just grow business ideas without thinking of ways on how to sustain that idea, so as to make it profitable, and BOOM! They are already into business.

Trust Issues

A lot of online businesses are faced with this major challenge. Many a times customers, clients, consumers and those who patronise online business owner have been known to have trust issues, this is traced to the advent of a lot of online businesses that sell similar products. A lot of customers have been left to wonder which of these online shops are genuine, due to the many fake products and online scam trending in  the online business world. Hence, they tend to thread more carefully in their various business dealings and transactions with online business owners in order to avoid falling in wrong hands.


Strong competition is another challenge. The establishment of other online businesses who sell similar products to yours, could be a major challenge. Your prospective customers may choose to patronise your competitors who sell fake products, because of the lesser prices which they offer, not minding the originality or product quality. It is left for online business owners to create a niche for themselves, ensure high product quality and create awareness for customers.

Converting Shoppers Into Paying Customers

A lot of online business owners, lack certain skills on how to convert shoppers and those who at a time made enquiries to paying customers. Some even focus more on the less important things, without concentrating and finding ways through which they could generate sales. Driving quality traffic and nurturing leads is key if you want to close the sale.  At a certain point, you need to convert those leads in order to pay for your marketing campaigns. Online business owners must constantly optimize their efforts in converting both email leads as well as website visitors into customers.  Conversion optimization is a continuous process.

Retaining customers

Many a times, online business owners do no know how to sustain relationships and retain customers who have patronised them at some point. Little dd they know that attracting new customers is more expensive than retaining the current ones you already have. Those who run online business must implement tactics to help them get the most out of their customer base in increase customer lifetime value.

Attracting The Perfect Customer

Some online business owners have failed to figure out where their audience is and how to attract them efficiently wuthout killing their market budget. Lots has changed including the way they consume content and communicate online.  They get easily distracted with technology and social media.

Choosing The Right Technology & Partners

Another major difficulty facing   some online business owners is that the lack certain technologies and do not partner with the right people and organizations to help them manage their projects. Those wanting to achieve growth must be built on a good technological foundation.  They must choose the right shopping cart solution, inventory management software, email software, Customer-Relationship Management systems, analytics, the right partners and so much more. It should be noted that, hiring the wrong partners or agencies to help you implement projects or oversee marketing campaigns may also limit your growth.

Hiring the Right people to make it all Happen

Let’s face it, online business owners may have visions and aspirations but one true fact remains, they need the right people to help them carry out their desires. A lot of business owners have the mistake of employing the wrong people to play out their dreams thereby leading to great loss and sometimes percent wreckage of their aspirations. Attracting the right talent is key in order to achieve desirable online growth.  Also, having the right leader plays an even bigger role. It is key to note that  employees want to work for companies that care about them and their future.

Customer Service

One big challenge is lack of good customer service. A lot of online businesses do not provide adequate customer service as  some are really deficient in answering to customers enquiries, calls, emails, text messages and messages on various social media platforms as at when due. Customers/clients needs to trust you enough in order to patronize you, since there is no place for physical interface, online is the only means to reach them, be polite, lively, hospitable and build trust Customers have high expectations. We’re not perfect as online businesses, but we can certainly handle customer issues in such a way to make customers happy. Ensuring customer satisfaction with your product is essential, as well as ascertaining a good customer experience  with your brand.

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