Fragrance Story Episodes

Fragrance Story 1

Fragrance Story
I was having a hard day at work and nothing seems to be helping; not music, colleagues or even the job itself. As I walked to the balcony with a frown on my face to steal some air, I perceived a sweet smell. “Wait” I thought to myself “I know that smell” I said ending with a smile. I took out my phone, call my Man and laughing, I said “remember that Nishane Hacivat perfume you had on during out last getaway? I just perceived it and mehn! For a second there I was back on the romantic trip”. Some minutes later, I walked back to my desk with a smile on my face.


Fragrance Story 2

‘Another hectic day of non-stop work’ ola thought to Himself as he leaned back on his chair to stretched his body, he then gets a whiff of the Gucci’s Guilty Oud scent his colleague had on and it took Him back to the wonder years when he goes for walks in the woods, climb trees and hike the mountains with no worry of falling, When he dare to dream with no fear of failing and had the drive and determination to be whoever he dare to be, and for a while he felt the energy and passion he use to have. He got motivated and dove back into his work.

Fragrance Story 3

Fragrance Story
Ola wanted to ask Ronke out on a date but When he told the guys at the gym they Said; “forget that one guy, she no send anybody here o, she go just embarrass you with one polite rejection” lol. Ola’s morale dropped and he decided to calm down. He then did a little research and discovered Ronke was a perfume lover. So he called up his favorite perfume store and ask for a recommendation. After a good workout the next day he saw Ronke and spraying his perfume, he decided to go for it. He approached her, said hi and she went that’s Chanel Allure sport you’ve got on right? “I’d recognise the fresh woody sensual scent anywhere”. He smiled and it’s been one hell of a joyful ride since then… to the amazement of his friends.

Fragrance Story 4

2 years ago Ola lost her grandma and had to bid her farewell. On her journey to the great beyond, grandma wore her favourite perfume and ever since, Ronke avoided the perfume cos she’s had always hated it and now it reminds her of her grief. Unfortunately, she could perceive the perfume in the elevator right now but this time it is different. she’s not replaying the sad day she had to bid grandma goodbye rather, grandma’s well lived and fulfilled life is all she could think of. The moments they spent together, the pain and laughter, the testimonies and the moments they spent arguing about whose perfume last longer and how she always Lost. “Mama may be gone, but she’ll forever live in my heart” she thought.

Fragrance Story 5

Fragrance Story
Ola was driving by when he saw Ronke waiting for a bus, he packed close to her and asked where she was headed, she was going for a hangout at Shoprite and fortunately ola was headed there for lunch, so he offered her a ride. But as she got into the car, the atmosphere changed and ola began to choke lol. he quickly lost his appetite and now longed for fresh air. He told her; something came up and his trajectory has changed. When she dropped From the vehicle, he gave her a card and calmly told her “my dear before you get to Shoprite, branch Ikota Shopping Complex and visit Perfume Best Buy shop. Get yourself an original perfume, No go Choke people for there o!” Lols. And then he drove off.

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