Designer Perfumes – Body Odour, Choices, and Notes.

We had fun this last couple of days asking customers about their perfume history. And it was interesting to discover – why the faithful Amouage Opus VII chief is loyal to the brand? how the Oud maestro combines Gucci Oud, Christian Dior Sauvage and Polo Supreme Oud?  Not forgetting the strong Chanel lady who don’t play with her No. 5?

Jean Paul Gutter

Scandal by Night

Our survey could have been a lot easier with mind-reading, memory searching superpowers and admittedly there was some point during the survey, that marketing nearly suggested hiring a psychologist for hypnotic sessions to help customers remember what informed their choice of fragrance(s).

Thank you to everyone who made time to share with us, we learned a good deal about – the man who inherited their traditional family perfume brand, the ladies who pick a distinctively unique niche fragrance to stand out and the fragrance aficionado who wears up to five or six at a time. We appreciate your uniqueness!

Mercedes Benz Man Private Perfume

Mercedes Benz Man Private

Now, let’s harp on selecting and buying the right fragrance, beginning with an important consideration, your natural body odour.

A perfume that complements your natural body odour works like magic.

And if you keep reading, we’ll show you some special tips on finding the right fragrance for you and yours.

Although we get a lot of blind buys (people recommending for other people) the best buys are perfumes that complements the users body odour. It’s a lot like royalty with the right size of crown, perfect snow-white clouds against a deep blue drop.


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But before revealing those tips we promised. we think you should know that scents are somewhat like music, they are composed of notes – Top note, Medium note and Base note. In other news, the human nose can smell one trillion unique scents (notes) – (though the rules of English grammar don’t allow this but can you hear the smell of royalty?)


  1. Top note –  is the initial lighter smell of the perfume that excites the nose immediately after application to the skin. Lasting from 15 minutes to 2 hours, these notes are generally fruity scents, light floral scents, marines and aquatics, citrus, spices etc.
  2. Medium Note – showcases the main elements of the fragrance. Sometimes called the middle or heart notes, it shows up after the top note clears and lasts from 3 to 5 hours. Heavier floral scents like jasmine, green scents like cinnamon, fruity scents and cloves can also appear at this level.
  3. Base Note – memories of sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, leather, musk and tobacco come to mind. These notes develop last, are often the bolder scents of the fragrance and last from 5 to 10 hours.

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And here’s that treasure you’ve been waiting on…

How to select the right bottle of perfume for your body.

  1. Make use of your wrist and inner elbow. Spray a scent on each part (this means you can try four at a time).


  1. Your natural body odour reflects the core of your uniqueness, so make sure you spray on your body and not on some test paper. Remember that notes sounds different from various instruments.


  1. It is standard to refresh your palate with something strong (nothing light) like tea or coffee between smelling different scents.


  1. Take time to smell all the notes as the scents develop. Top note, medium note, and base note – own them all before making that purchase.


  1. Whatever hits the spot for you, go with it. You might end up loving a bunch of fragrances or just one. Life’s an adventure. So keep discovering.


Thanks for reading. Kindly leave a comment on why and how you picked your current choice of fragrance(s) and drop your favourite musical notes while you are at it…

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