What does my Fragrance say about me as a Woman

You might have been asking yourself a lot of questions about your choice of  perfumes.

Does your perfume define you?

Does your fragrance  speak?

Does it  say volumes about your personality?

Be aware that choosing your perfume is a highly personal adventure. Just like a man’s fragrance speaks volumes about him, a woman’s signature scent can say a lot about who she is, and it’s not a surprise that most of us choose carefully!

If you’ve taken the journey of spraying and smelling many different fragrances to find the one, either for yourself or someone else, then you know there is so much more to choosing a perfume than meets the eye. Every fragrances can be indicative of one’s personality. Forget the eye, the true window to your soul may just be your signature fragrance. Many people choose to wear perfume to make themselves smell good.

But do they know the effect the scents have on people around them?

According to Edwards Michael’s fragrance wheel, four families/categories of scent are described, these include: Floral, Oriental, Fresh, and Woody. No matter which scent your nose tends to be accustomed to, these four categories act as the primary bases for all perfumes.

Floral and Thoughtful

The floral family highlights the aroma of fresh flowers, like rose, jasmine, liiy, and frangipani to create classically feminine perfume. It has been suggested that ladies who love fragrances with floral notes are the thoughtful, sensitive, and considerate type.

Oriental and Energetic

The oriental category features orange blossom, incense, resins, and sandalwood with sweet and warm notes like vanilla, musk, cinnamon, and cardamom. These scents have been known to interest the woman who is lively, energetic, and social. If your social life is above 60%, then it is advisable for you to go for fragrances with oriental note.

Fresh and Aspiring

The fresh family draws in the aromas of bergamot and citrus oils for bright sporty scents that invigorate and energize. Women attracted to the zesty, tangy smells of citrus are strong-minded, ambitious, and natural leaders. Fresh-scented fragrances interests women who are powerful and have aspirations.

Woody and Curious

The woody family is focused on aromatic woods and herbs. This is where you will find the lovers of lavender. People who are a little more reserved but curious, love these notes. These women value friendship and teamwork, and can be thoughtful and contemplative.

Next time you’re on the hunt for a new fragrance, take note of the ingredients that trigger your fancy, represents your nature and speaks about your status. Ask yourself if they really do reflect your mood or personality, fragrance speaks when words of mouth cannot be found to express what people need to know about your personality.

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