Why same Perfumes smell Differently on Different People

You might be startled about the reasons why a Perfume that you and a family member or a close friend bought smells different on you guys. But it is no longer news that a perfume could smell wonderful on a friend or colleague but gives you a bad smell, when you tried wearing it. Many atimes, we complain about how unfair it is to anyone who cares  to listen, but have you ever wondered why a certain perfume you love doesn’t appear to love you back? It is a normal thing and happens with most of us all the time.

Perfumes tend to gel with your natural pheromones whenever you spray them on therefore creating a whole new unique fragrance. How do you choose your fragrance? Because choosing a scent is a very personal choice and oftentimes, we make the mistake of choosing scents because they seem suitable and smell nice on others, hence we become disappointed when such choices of fragrance doesn’t smell the way we expected it to smell on us. Fragrances can even smell different on different people’s skin, thanks to the complicated bespoke blends of oils that we all carry on our skin. Do you go for something heavier in the evening, and only something crisp and fresh for work? Is it coconuts and vanilla on holiday, always?

Here are some factors that determine why perfumes smell differently on people.

Skin Type

Your type of skin is a key determinant of how your perume will smell on you. Certain types of skin tend to keep a hold of perfume scents, opening up the notes slowly. Perfume smell becomes quite strong if applied to oily skin than people with dry skin. People with oily skin release more sebum and pheromones than people with dry skin, making it last longer than on people with normal skin. Dry skinned people cannot retain the scent for a long time as it evaporates instantly. However, it has been discovered that moisturising your skin well before applying your fragrance can help resolve this challenge, as this will create a moisturised base for the perfume.

Choice of Fragrance

Your type of your skin, season and time of the day matters should be put into consideration when choosing your fragrance, Just as it is always good to choose right fragrance according to your personality and lifestyle. If you are someone with oily skin, citrusy fragrances will suit you better, as they also go well during summer season too along with fresh, green, aqua notes. However, dry-skinned people, should go for fragrances with strong notes like oriental and spicy notes. These notes are also suitable for cold seasons when fragrances can easily dissipate or are not able to evaporate at a decent pace.

Fragrance Mixture

A lot of people love mixing various types of fragrances to produce a unique blend, but many a times, these mixtures go wrong, due to inability to properly mix up fragrances that complements each other, not those that are contradictory. Also, on a normal day, we come across to at least 5 fragrant products having a different fragrance. It can be your body wash shower gel, soap, hand wash, moisturiser, shaving cream or after shave. All these fragrances can mix with your perfume and affect its original fragrance. You can use all these products, but make sure that the fragrance is not overpowering.

Adulterated Fragrances

You don’t expect an adulterated or fake fragrance to smell exactly like a real perfume. A lot of people perceive unique, elegant scents which they fall in love with from their friends, colleague or family member but might end up disappointed when they buy perfumes and it doesn’t smell the way the one they initially fell in love with does, due to buying a fake or adulterated version of such perfume, it doesn’t work that way. There are a lot of cloned designer perfumes which are being sold and circulated in the marketplace, this is why you have to verify the genuineness of where and  what you are buying before parting with your money.

So, next time, do not get confused when a particular fragrance does not smell same on you as on others. If you think that the perfume quality might have degraded or it was not the same variant, or your friend suggested you the wrong perfume, also think of the reasons above.

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